Welcome to Masters & Magistrates, a historical campaign set during the exciting times of 12th Century Song Dynasty China. Inspired by the Chinese classic The Water Margin, countless Wuxia and Kung Fu films, Stephen Chow, and my interest in Chinese history, I set about developing a campaign that mixed historical verisimilitude, humor, drama, and action. Starting my “pre-production” phase in early 2009, I (eventually) started a few months later and have been running this campaign since then.

Drawing from previous experiences, I sought about creating a campaign that was different in its focus, but not too different in how it was played. In order to achieve the latter, I chose Mutants and Masterminds 2nd Edition as a compromise between the relative simplicity and familiarity of the d20 System and the flexibility of GURPS character creation. In addition, I found the abstractness of M&M to be useful for this sort of wuxia themed campaign.

Masters & Magistrates

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