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Hunting the Thirsty Wolf, Part 2; The Fire Palm of Master Xiang

After receiving a lead from Jibrail about a suspicious lumberjack he met , Lu Xiong and Li Wu proceed with their investigation of The Thirsty Wolf. Wu eventually discovers the lumberjack, Lin Mao’s place of residence at a local inn, and stakes out the joint. Eventually, Wu and Xiong come to the conclusion that while Lin Mao is the brother of the “Tiger Man”, that he is not The Thirsty Wolf.

The next day, Li Wu reports to Wang Shendu, the Magistrate’s deputy and is offered the chance to help investigate the murder of Ma Liujia. The investigation leads Wang to the house of the Yang family in order to find Ping’s Brother (Yang Zhengwen), who was last spotted speaking to Ma before his death. Wang question Jiaxin (Ping) and Wu Jun about the whereabouts of Zhengwen, but leaves without asking too much, although he has his men take down their information, and has guards stationed to ensure that he not leave. However, Jun is still able to convince the guards to allow him to continue his education. On the way to the Beggar’s Hideout, Jun runs into the fortune teller Wu Jimei who informs him that he’s being followed and proceeds to seemingly take out the tails silently, but out of Jun’s sight.

Meanwhile, Jingxi and Chen Jiwang are invited to a meeting between their masters, Hong Jin and Liu Jia. The meal is interrupted by the undisciplined students of a martial arts instructor who is relatively newer to the city. Eventually, a fight breaks out in the tea house, while Xiong an Wu happen to witness the scuffle and join in the fray. Eventually they discover that the students were meant to deliver an invitation to a challenge fight between their master and Hong and Liu. Seeing as the elder martial artists were still injured, Jing and Wang go in their stead.

On arrival at the martial arts training hall, they discover an ornate building lavishly decorated on the interior. The master of the hall, named Xiang Wubi, is a large man with a beard wearing long robes. Master Xiang challenges both Jing and Wang to fight him at the same time, while he warns them of his great power.

As Jing and Wang fight Master Xiang, they soon discover that he has the ability to generate qi blasts from his hand, besides being competent physically and verbally. However, behind Xiang’s charisma lies his secret, in that he is at least, in part a fraud. Rather than actually being able to generate palm power, they discover that Xiang is in fact actually utilizing some sort of weapon that fires flaming projectiles. Soon after, Lu Xiong manages to capture the fraud under a box that he attempted to hide beneath and eventually turn him in to the local magistrate.

While at the Luoyang Yamen, Li Wu also discovers from Deputy Wang that he plans to arrest Ping in her brother’s place the day after, and also arrest Wu Jun, who provided a false identity to the authorities. Wu warns his party and Xiong goes to inform Jun. Having been informed, Jun sends the Yang’s elderly servant to stay with Xiong and begins preparations for his and Ping’s escape.

Hunting the Thirsty Wolf, Part 1

After escaping from The Fragrant Chrysanthemum, the heroes interrogate Ping’s Brother (Yang Zhengwen). Wu Jun eventually learns that Zhengwen was elusive about his work because he was embarrassed about working with a brothel, and did not want his sister to know.

Afterwards, Li Wu is summoned by Wang Shendu the Magistrate’s deputy to help assist in the investigation of “The Thirsty Wolf”. Li investigates the crime scene with several constables.

Meanwhile, Jingxi is stuck with handling the delivery of the party’s possessions from Kaifeng, and Jun begins the continuation of his reading lessons with Beggar Guan‘s daughter Guan Ling’er.

The next day, Wu is tasked with canvassing local inns in order to investigate peculiar recent arrivals who could be suspect. Eventually Wu is led to the room of a strange foreigner, who turns out to be none other than Jibrail.

Battle at the Brothel

The heroes are tasked with finding and killing Ma Liujia.

The One At the Inn

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