Masters & Magistrates

Hunting the Thirsty Wolf, Part 1

After escaping from The Fragrant Chrysanthemum, the heroes interrogate Ping’s Brother (Yang Zhengwen). Wu Jun eventually learns that Zhengwen was elusive about his work because he was embarrassed about working with a brothel, and did not want his sister to know.

Afterwards, Li Wu is summoned by Wang Shendu the Magistrate’s deputy to help assist in the investigation of “The Thirsty Wolf”. Li investigates the crime scene with several constables.

Meanwhile, Jingxi is stuck with handling the delivery of the party’s possessions from Kaifeng, and Jun begins the continuation of his reading lessons with Beggar Guan‘s daughter Guan Ling’er.

The next day, Wu is tasked with canvassing local inns in order to investigate peculiar recent arrivals who could be suspect. Eventually Wu is led to the room of a strange foreigner, who turns out to be none other than Jibrail.



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